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Eating as a family: another good resource to take care of diet and health

When we seek to eat better and thus benefit the health of the body, there are many strategies that we usually put into practice, however, eating as a family is another good resource, little known, that can help us to take care of diet and health.

Family meal and quality of diet

Sitting down to eat as a family with the kids at home or with the adolescents who are still developing their eating behavior can be very helpful in instilling good habits.

A study published in the journal of the American Dietetic Association reveals that adolescents who shared the table with their family had a better quality diet in adulthood, they consumed more fruits, vegetables as well as eating less soft drinks.

Similarly, eating as a family with our children can be beneficial for adults, because as we know it is important to lead by example and therefore, we will take care of the quality of the dishes that we bring to the table, as well as the way in which we develop the eating of food.

On the other hand, eating as a family and consuming the same as parents stimulates a better quality diet in children and helps them to choose healthier foods, as confirmed by research carried out at the University of Edinburgh.

Eat as a family to protect health

A better quality diet that can be induced by carrying out family meals certainly protects the body from diseases of all kinds, however, a study published by the University of Cambridge notes that separating meals within the family or giving too much Importance (family or individual) to food can lead to eating disorders.

Likewise, family meals are associated with positive effects on values ​​and behaviors, such as minor abusive and compulsive behaviors, reduction of high risk behaviors such as violence and suicide, purges and excessive weight loss, therefore, they can also contribute to prevent Eating disorders of all kinds, among which are not only anorexia and bulimia, but also, obesity, as a study published in The Journal of Pediatrics concludes.

Eating as a family can not only help us eat healthier, but also to get away from many diseases related to eating and also with behaviors and emotions such as depression or phobias.

Beyond everything we do to benefit health and take care of the diet, it is important to remember that something as simple as eating as a family can be key to achieve it.

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