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Eat fat to lose weight: where to get healthy fats if you’re looking to lose weight

Fats were always the “enemies” of the diets until now , which we know are not the villain of our diet but their consumption is necessary and we should only choose the appropriate alternatives. Therefore, we suggest you eat fat to lose weight of course, looking for healthy fats for that purpose.

Eating fat is not the same as storing fat

For a long time it was thought that eating fat was synonymous with storage in our body, hence they were the main enemies of diets to lose weight until science indicated otherwise, because low-fat diets are not the most effective to lose weight but on the contrary, if we choose the right types of fats we can obtain advantages when losing kilos .

Thus, although trans fats have been linked to weight gain and increased incidence of abdominal obesity , according to a study by Obesity magazine and that is why we should take them away from our diet to lose weight, there are other fats that produce the opposite effect.

Eating fats does not make us fat, but on the contrary, can help us lose weight if we choose the right alternatives

For example, polyunsaturated fats such as omega 3 can reduce the accumulation of fat in the entire body concludes one study published in the journal Lipids and monounsaturated fats , replacing saturated even when consumption is unlimited, also have proven to favor weight loss over time.

This points out that eating fat is not synonymous with storing fats, but if we choose the type to consume well we can obtain the opposite effect and benefit health while losing weight .

The foods from which you can get healthy fats

It is only a matter of choosing unsaturated fats above all and of doing it through fresh, unprocessed and ultra-processed foods and dishes that can hide other ingredients that are not very nutritious or even harmful when losing weight .

Thus, some foods from which you can obtain good fats at the time of losing weight are:

Extra virgin olive oil

Among all available oils , extra virgin olive oil is one of the best properties, as well as unsaturated fats it is a source of polyphenols that reduce inflammation in our body and can benefit the metabolism.

Also, its components can help us achieve satiety and therefore be helpful for losing weight , but olive oil included in the framework of a healthy diet has been linked in a study published in 2010 to less body weight, fewer cardiovascular problems and even, lower incidence of cancer.

Therefore, this should be the oil that we use regularly in our diet can not only dress with it but also make homemade preserves or healthy biscuits and various breads.


It is one of my most used ingredients in the usual table because it is very versatile and is also a source of monounsaturated fats and other nutrients that are responsible for its benefits, among which is its weight loss aid found by scientists in South Africa .

As if that were not enough, the avocado offers antioxidants, potassium, vitamin C, carotenes and fiber that favors satiety while contributing to good quality in the diet.

And the best, we can elaborate with this ingredient from guacamole to desserts , truffles , hamburgers and many other dishes .


All nuts are excellent sources of healthy fats for the body, especially nuts that are the largest proportion of this nutrient concentrate and that its consumption in quantities of 30 grams per day (only a handful) has been linked to lower risk of diseases metabolic as obesity because it induces the release of serotonin among other things, which reduces anxiety.

In addition, nuts, because of their fiber content and vegetable proteins , effectively satisfy and offer good nutrients as well as various antioxidants that protect health.

While we can consume a handful of nuts as such every day, we can also make healthy cookies , sugar-free chocolates and even crispy and tasty snacks .


They are rich in omega 3 of vegetable origin, specifically alpha linolenic acid that can be of great help when losing weight and health care.

Also, they have other good properties and nutrients such as calcium, fiber and vegetable proteins that allow us to satiate with their consumption.

In addition, we can prepare with them a variety of preparations such as breads , breakfasts , cookies , sautéed or various salads .


It is an oily legume that offers polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats as well as fiber and vegetable proteins that satisfy effectively.

A study published by the University Houston indicates that consumed as a snack the peanut can be of help to prevent weight gain and obesity , so, we can not stop taking advantage of its properties in our diet.

With peanuts we can make a homemade peanut butter and with it create different healthy and satisfying dishes .

Blue Fish

It is a source of omega 3, especially docosahexaenoic and eicosapentaenoic acid, the famous DHA and EPA that are essential for our body because we can only obtain them through diet.

The consumption of this type of fish fats has been linked to a better body composition, with less fat and a higher percentage of lean mass , which could be key at the moment of weight loss, taking care of health.

We can consume blue fish such as salmon, sardines, anchovies, tuna, horse mackerel or others in a variety of dishes such as baked , pickled , salads , pizzasand as many other preparations as our imagination allows.

As we can see, fats do deserve their place in a diet to lose weight and not only can they help us lose weight but promote health along the way.

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