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Do you lock yourself up to train in the gym? We tell you why you should continue exercising outdoors

Practicing exercise even when temperatures are low, is an effective weapon to avoid catching pounds at this time of year, however, if this season you are locked in the gym, we tell you why you should continue training outdoors.

Advantages of Outdoor Training

Beyond that cold and less sunlight is more complex and we have less desire to leave home to train or move in an almost freezing environment, overcoming those feelings would be of great help to enjoy all the advantages that outdoor training Offers.

For example, a great benefit of going to the cold to run, pedal or perform the activity that we like is the increase in energy expenditure, because our body will not only burn calories for the exercise itself but also because it should normalize body temperature In the middle of a cold environment.

In addition to the process of thermoregulation, in the open air we face irregularities in the terrain, wind or other factors that demand a greater effort to the body and therefore, we will burn more calories by training in a park than in the gym, where the climatic conditions are totally Controlled.

On the other hand, we will take advantage of the few solar radiations that this season exist and our body will synthesize vitamin D, a nutrient that at adequate levels is very helpful to be fit and healthy.

As if that were not enough, we will recharge batteries and give a boost to our mood many times deteriorated at this time of year, since exercising in the middle of nature helps reduce stress and on the other hand, being a more intense effort Contributes to a greater release of endorphins. So, training outdoors even at low temperatures can make us very happy.

Clearly, outdoor training even when climatic conditions are not the best has great advantages over training in the gym.

May the cold not stop you!

If you intend to continue your work outdoors despite the low temperatures that are beginning to feel, it is important to beat the cold. To do this, we recommend you consider the following resources …

  • Wear layers: using a first layer of thermal T-shirt and long meshes that heat us as well as protecting us over with a thin windbreaker can be a good alternative so that our body does not feel over-demanded by low temperatures and our muscles achieve The heat they need to move properly. If it gives us a lot of heat, we can always remove the most superficial layers we have.
  • Extra clothing: if we have little hair a cap that shelters the head is very useful, as well as breathable gloves and socks that keep the heat in the extremities. In the same way, we can go to garments that cut the wind and protect us from the rain or the humidity of the snow if there were any. For example, jackets or boots that are placed over the slippers.
  • Adjust your training schedule: to get more out of the outdoor activity, in autumn and winter it is advisable to train in the sunlight, because the temperatures will not be so low and we will make the most of the sun radiation that benefits us so much.
  • It does a good warm-up: as expected, with cold it costs more to start the engines and therefore, the heating deserves a special dedication. More time and quality for this first part of our training is key to prevent injuries and to perform as always during outdoor work with low temperatures.
  • Avoid the intervals: to perform a training at intervals or with series between which we must rest may not be the best option during the fall and winter, because at each break we will cool considerably. It is best to train continuously or take intervals with very short breaks in between such as a HIIT training.
  • Adjust your intensity: if it is just cold you can train hard so that the heat does not leave your body, if there is snow, ice and / or rain, it may not be the best time to work full stop but it is advisable to reduce the intensity of work To avoid potential accidents and overexertion injurious to our body.

The cold should not stop us and we can continue training outdoors without problems even in this season when temperatures are reduced, because as we have told, outdoor work has great benefits over the indoor.

It’s just a question of adapting to the cold and making the necessary changes to enjoy autumn and winter by burning calories as always, in the midst of nature.

And you, do you lock yourself in the gym to train or continue in the open this season?

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