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Canker sores, why they occur and how to avoid them

Surely on more than one occasion we have had discomfort in the mouth because of a sore that appears and that stings us for days. This condition is more common than we think and is what is known as canker sores. Canker sores appear unexpectedly in our mouth to stay for a few days. They cause a lot of pain, and as they appear they leave without a trace. For this reason we want this time to stop in this condition and know a little more about it.

Canker sores have always been associated with herpes and the different infections that take place in the mouth. Nothing is further from reality. It is true that canker sores have a similar way of appearing as a herpes, as they appear as a burn with a whitish center and a red border that stings, hurts and bothers greatly. When a canker sore appears many are the reasons that are shuffled and we are going to see them and how it should be treated.

Causes by which they appear

Normally the area where canker sores usually appear is the inner part of the mouth or lips, and many times it is associated with a lack of hygiene. It does not necessarily have to be due to poor hygiene, but it can appear for several reasons. In the first place we will say that the great majority of them are produced by viral infections that affect the mouth and that manifest themselves in this way, since it is the defense mechanism of the organism.

Many times the appearance of canker sores is also due to the fact that we have low defenses, an indisputable symptom that our organism is going through a low situation and we should improve it. But not only appear for this, but also may be due to interventions in the mouth by a dentist, an oral cleaning too aggressive or because of a bite in the tongue or inside the mouth.

Other factors that favor the appearance of canker sores can be stress and the daily pressure to which we submit. The lack of vitamins and minerals may be another reason, especially iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid. In the case of women, they can appear due to the hormonal changes that occur with menstruation, which trigger in the body a series of changes that can manifest in this way.

How to avoid them

To prevent canker sores from making an appearance, it is necessary to maintain a correct diet in which vitamins and minerals are present on a daily basis. These nutrients will help us maintain some tissues in perfect condition. To this we must add a perfect hydration, it is necessary that the walls of the mouth are perfectly hydrated at all times and avoid these setbacks.

Needless to say, hygiene is essential if we want to avoid this type of injury. It is necessary that after each meal we clean the teeth, since the acidity that is produced can be the cause of ulcers and aphthae. It is also important not to bring objects to your mouth, as they may be infected with bacteria and viruses that trigger this type of injury. It is very advisable to use a mouthwash to disinfect the oral cavity and thus avoid the proliferation of bacteria and viruses that are the cause of these wounds.

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