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Benefits of health nectarine

Do you know the benefits of nectarine for our health? Conceived as one of the most important summer fruits and peach variant is presented as one of the great allies of our body to regulate our blood pressure or prevent formation of muscle cramps, do you want to know more details?

Where does nectarine?

Not too long ago, nutrition experts considered that the nectarine was a result of cross between peach and plum, but nothing is further from reality. We know today as the nectarine is the result of their own mutations suffered by the producer of peaches tree.

Benefits of health nectarineAlthough very many similarities to keep nutritional level with peach, we can find remarkable physical differences. For example, while the skin nectarine is thinner and soft, the peach is remarkably roughened.

All these fruits share a meaty, sweet and very juicy flesh, whose color shades vary depending on the type of fruit to which we refer. Thus, we can appreciate more white, compact and sweet in the case of the nectarine and Paraguay, or redder, soft orange or other varieties.

What are the benefits we nectarine?

As discussed in previous lines, the best time to find a fruit like nectarine is in the summer months, especially during the month of July. Ideal for inclusion in desserts, jams or shakes, with taking a piece of nectarine about 100 g, we will be contributing 49, 70 Kcal, 10, 20 g sugars, 10, 20 g carbohydrate, or 0, 90 g protein.

Among the benefits is nectarine:

Because of its low sodium, since only presented in its nutritional composition 1 mg per 100 grams of nectarine, this fruit is recommended for people with hypertension or who want to reduce cholesterol levels.

On the other hand, official studies undertaken by the American Chemical Society, confirm that the nectarine, along with other fruits like peaches, thanks to its bio-active compounds is ideal for combat diabetes, obesity and prevent cardiovascular disease.

With regard to the minerals present in the composition, we can point out about 10 mg of magnesium per 100 g of nectarine, which will be essential to strengthen our muscles, prevent lesion formation when we undertake physical exertion or even muscle cramps.

Equally interesting is the presence of zinc, which is involved in the formation and mineralization of bones, helps prevent prostate problems and is directly involved in the state of our skin, nails and hair.

Another highlight in its composition mineral is potassium, which is involved in the production of proteins, increasing neuronal excitability. This is another benefit of nectarine as with the aforementioned magnesium, it contributes to the proper neuronal function and helps regulate blood pressure.

For every 100 g of nectarine, we highlight the presence of a not inconsiderable 2 g fiber, essential to improve our intestinal transit and thus combat cases of constipation. By improving the functions of our digestive system, we can clean our body from unnecessary toxins.

Finally, we can highlight the presence of many different vitamins like A for improving our eyes and the skin, group B and C, ideal to reinforce our defenses against any external threat and improve the functioning of our immune system.

Its content of folic acid makes this fruit can also be beneficial for pregnant women to avoid possible fetal malformations.

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