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A simple stretch for pectorals, arms and neck

Usually often we talk about how important stretching for a perfect state of our muscles and joints. But there part of the body that sometimes is more complicated stretch and keep in perfect condition. So in this post we highlight a simple way to stretch all part of the chest, biceps and outside chain arm, including the muscles that make up the neck.

The pectoral part is one of the areas most often gives us problems as far as discomfort and muscle aches. The problem usually appears because the pectorals are very powerful muscles that we usually work a lot and that at the moment of the truth exert a high tension. This causes an imbalance to develop with the rear, and the shoulder stabilizers allow the shoulder to move slightly forward. This incorrect posture will cause discomfort to the shoulder, chest and even the arm. To do this stretching will help us correct this and eliminate pain.

A simple stretch for pectorals, arms and neckThe chest muscles may end up unbalancing the shoulder area

It is true that the work of the back and chest should be rhythmical, but nevertheless, the pectoral part is much more powerful than the back which is responsible for stabilizing the shoulders. That is why it is essential to relax the pectoral muscles and those that conform the shoulder by means of the suitable stretches.

A simple stretch supported on the frame of a door

In this case we will simply serve our body, because it will be through the placement of it that we will stretch each muscle group in question. To do this specifically will use the arm to stretch the hand to work . We simply need something to support the palm of the hand and therefore the arm. We can start with a door frame. At this point we stand and stretch the arm so that we support the palm of the hand in the frame of the door.

Prevent the shoulder from moving forward to stretch better

In this posture, what we will do is place the arm, so that the elbow is out and slightly bent. To verify that this is so is necessary to see that the inside of the elbow is perpendicular to the ground . In this posture the shoulder tends to lean forward, but we should, without moving the elbow posture, make it go back to encourage further stretching in this part.

If we give more intensity if it fits this stretch we can be tilted sideways neck and turn your head to the opposite shoulder . The important thing in this case is to maintain this position for about 10 minutes with each arm. In this way what we will achieve will be to stretch all the muscles and relieve the accumulated tension. In addition, we will stimulate the formation of collagen and the return of the fibers to their normal state of relaxation, avoiding the tension that can cause discomfort and in many cases pain.

The importance of correct posture

It is important to note that the position is critical, especially to maintain each part positioned properly to achieve the perfect stretch all parts of the arm and chest. One point to keep in mind is that you never have to force when stretching. Simply keeping a good placement and respecting the times will help us achieve what we are looking for.

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