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5 Tips to Avoid Stomach Reflux and Heartburn

On previous occasions we have dealt with the issue of the digestive adjustments that many people suffer in summer. One of which may appear is heartburn or reflux. Many times this is caused by stress, nerves … But almost always the root of this discomfort is the lack of care when it comes to food. So in this post we want to highlight five things we can do to be perfect this holiday.

Beware of the food we eat

First of all it is important to take care of what we bring to our mouths. Especially in vacations we let ourselves be carried by the prepared foods and the excess of fats that in the long term can take us invoice, since our digestive apparatus goes to work more, making the digestions are heavier. In addition, to digest the fats, the digestive system has to segregate more acids, so that sometimes there is something of reflux and acidity that may bother us. So it is better to opt for foods with less fat content to avoid this.

The drink also counts

What we drink is also of great importance, especially when we do it by abusing carbonated drinks. If we also do it while we eat the risk of reflux will increase, because what happens in our stomach, since when it is very full and also fill with more gas, the lower esophageal sphincter is pressed, increasing the risk of reflux, and Which does not close at all and lets the acidity rise up the esophagus causing discomfort.

The way of eating has a lot to do

The way of eating and the habits that we have also has a great importance, and is that it is necessary that we do not give ourselves binge, therefore it is better to realize small meals throughout the day, so that the digestions are much more bearable and Avoid the dreaded reflux. The same is true of how we eat. Chewing well is essential, to achieve this we recommend chewing slow and unhurried, since digestion begins in the mouth with saliva that will help us to generate fewer stomach acids and therefore the risk of reflux or acidity decreases.

Avoid alcohol and tobacco

The consumption of alcohol and tobacco is another reason why it seems in many cases the acidity of the stomach. Both cause the secretion of saliva to decrease, causing increased acid secretion by the stomach. They slow down the digestions and can end up generating in us heartburn and upset stomach. That is why it is necessary that we leave it aside to achieve substantial improvements.

Maintain proper weight

As a final recommendation we will highlight how important it is to maintain the right weight. Being overweight is an enemy of the digestive system, as excess weight overwhelms the internal organs and in the case of the stomach this causes a greater secretion of gastric juices that go into the esophagus. Being all pressed by the excess weight the closing of this one is deficient and for that reason the reflux takes place.

It is true that there are many other recommendations that we can take into account. So we encourage you to tell us your tricks to avoid acidity or reflux and to achieve better digestion and a better lifestyle.

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