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Benefits of Adjustable Trailer Hitches

For those who own multiple trailers, or change from one type to another frequently, an adjustable trailer hitch is an invaluable tool. These weight distribution hitches help minimise trailer swaying by distributing the load evenly. They have special anti-sway friction areas that connect to the hitch receiver on the truck and trailer, reducing the back-and-forth motion of the trailer.

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Adjustable trailer hitches can also be adjusted in height – meaning they can raise or lower the hook point on the tow vehicle, making it easier to hitch and unhitch trailers. This is especially useful for low trucks, such as those found on CUVs and SUVs, because it prevents the tow vehicle from dragging the ground on transitions.

The main disadvantage of an adjustable hitch is that it has many moving parts, which increases the likelihood of damage if not used correctly. But, this risk can be managed with proper maintenance and care. For Trailer Parts, contact a site like https://autoandtrailer.com/shop/trailer-parts

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If you’re an outdoorsy person who has a camper for family getaways, a boat for fun on the water, and maybe a trailer for hauling your four-wheeler, it would be inconvenient to have three different hitches to keep track of, maintain, and store. With an adjustable trailer hitch, you can tow all of your equipment with a single hitch. This versatility makes an adjustable hitch the best solution for anyone with a love of adventure, a variety of towing needs, and a busy lifestyle.

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