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Google Glass To Be Used In Dubai To Catch Traffic Violators

Google Glass was the latest technology introduced in the last year with the expansion cost. It is a wearable computer working as the OHMD (optical head-mounted display) technology. This Google Glass is available in the market with the cost of $1500. It is not cheaper, so it is very expensive.

Google Glass is available in the United States, However, it hasn’t come to the market except US. The Google Glass is only available in the United States with the high cost. It is not released in the market after using of the United States and it is not available in the outside the US.

Google Glass The policemen at the Dubai are looking at this Google Glass now. It is not stopped in the US and particularly throughout the country, this is comes in the hands of cops at the Dubai to use the important work. This Google Glass uses the cops, that can identify the thefted vehicle easily. By using this they easily identified illegal vehicles. And this will help apprehend for the traffic violators.

As per the report of Gulf news Dubai police wanted to use the Google Glass to take the photograph of the traffic criminals and also as far as identify the criminal vehicles.

Colonel Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, who is the general director of the smart services at the Dubai Police said that his department would utilize the two particular applications with the Google Glass.

He general Directors said” from that two applications one would be used for the take photos of people, who are crossing the traffic violators and another one would be used for the identifying of the vehicles, which are thefted by the criminals”. “And also our police department is genuine to report anything to people. Even so, we are utilizing the things that are newly in the market, which help with the catch the criminals.

The utilization of Google Glass is now to reduce the traffic related issues in a particular manner. As per the statement of the Al Razooqi if we are getting the expertise results from these tools, then we purchase more of the tools presently how many we are using”.

Google Glass is a head-mount computer and Wearing computer that also has the feature of capture the photos with the camera. It is used to show the people on the outside very clearly. But it is not available on the outside of the US. It is not there for sales outside the US. However, in the US also purchasing for this gadget is through the online Google web site. This tool is not available through the online market also.

One of the explanations for the latest improvement of Google Glass has been inquiries around its convenience. While it looks modern and it has got consideration from right on time adopters, Google Glass doesn’t offer any forcing use case for standard shoppers. That said, specialists, wayfarers and cops, incorporating some in the New York Police Department, are trying to test the gadget is helpful for cops to do their work genuinely.

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