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Google Calendar has a new design on the web and is simply wonderful

In the end, it has happened, it is a reality. A couple of months ago we told you that Google planned to update its Calendar on the web with a new Material Design style design and finally it is a reality.

From today you can expect a facelift when you open Google Calendar from a computer, it will have a design much more similar to the one in Android. Something that without a doubt he needed and with what many of us have been dreaming for years.

Clean, minimalist, but with better use of white spaces, a more attractive color palette, new typography, responsive design that fits much better the size of the screen and those blessed Material Design cards.

Google Calendar business users also receive new features to help them organize meetings. Things like seeing the details of a conference room so that employees know where they should go, including the type of audio and video equipment available, to the availability of access for the disabled.

Now you can also add additional format to links, invitations, linked documents, etc., and these can be opened directly from the detailed view of an event.

Another interesting novelty is the view of multiple calendars at once, as shown in the image above. For example, a manager can organize meetings for a whole team at the same time with access to their calendars.

If you still do not see the new design, do not despair, this kind of changes take some time to reach all users around the world. Maybe you have to wait a bit, the same happened with the YouTube redesign .

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