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Sonic Lost World for PC

Two years after the release of the original title on Wii U, comes now the remarkable Sonic Lost World to support a unique opportunity for PC users they can enjoy one of the best 3D adventures of recent years starring Sega’s mascot.

Gone are the 90, when the blue hedgehog rivaled as a great character Mario gaming world, while becoming the main attraction Sega consoles when this company still performed Hardware. Sonic enough time sprints across all platforms ago; hence it is of no wonder your PC release of one of their latest adventures, after their respective deliveries for Wii U and 3DS. Indeed, this new version is an enhanced adaptation of the title we already enjoy in the home console from Nintendo, including all the extra content released for the original.

Logically, by the way some features offered by Wii U remain, but fortunately on this occasion that has harnessed the potential of computers to provide a large graphical section in high resolution that will allow us to enjoy the great work done by the SEGA designers. Also, this port offers full support for different control systems, may opt for keyboard and mouse or the control, the latter being the best choice for a title like this. Also, Steam achievements, saving our games in the cloud, online leaderboards are included so we can compare our scores with other users, support for widescreen displays.

Sonic Lost World for PCDepth analysis of Sonic Lost World

But focusing on the game itself, again the blue hedgehog invites us to enjoy a platform adventure that combines classic sequences dimensional action that characterize the series, with other phases with three – dimensional development reminiscent in their design to worlds of Mario Galaxy, not so much for its gameplay but -very distinta- elapse tube – shaped surfaces or spherical. Although the speed remains constant in its gameplay, the arrival on the scene of these worlds in three dimensions allows the Sonic pause its rate to explore scenarios and thus find the many secrets hidden. Our beloved protagonist enjoy a high degree of freedom when moving through these phases, because we can turn around these planets, always bearing in mind that the ultimate goal is to always move in one direction only to find the end of each section. Of course, any time we can accelerate and again enjoy the blistering pace that we usually blue hedgehog.

Regardless of the aforementioned two types of phase offering the game, Sonic can always make your movements classics, i.e. run, jump, perform double jumps or the classic Spin Dash that allows us to shoot ourselves to be thrown to a great speed. Neither are the Homing-attacks, which, as most know, allows us to attack enemies or grab the nearest object to us simply pressing the button twice to jump.Given the large number of boxes, balloons, propellers or springs juice, its use is particularly important in this issue, stringing can use against various objects or enemies.

One of the great successes of this release is to have achieved a great balance between the classic gameplay of the adventures starring the blue hedgehog and modern with a three – dimensional approach. No lack the speed and dizzying pace to which we are accustomed Sonic, but this time many of the problems we found in previous titles are avoided. And this has been possible thanks to a speed not so exaggerated and much more precise control. This does not mean that there still exist typical situations where the game does a trick, but it has been fairly limited and in most cases have more to do with a camera that loses orientation and leaves us sold. Of course, these frustrations will not be commonplace, so yes we have to highlight the work done on this occasion.

Following control system, we must mention the new skills “parkour” that will allow Sonic to run with absolute freedom for the walls and a much more dynamic way for all scenarios. But they do not stop there new skills as they also feature a series of color powers that will allow our hero to fly like an eagle, raze everything in its path as an asteroid or become a mobile bomb that will explode against enemies . As we see, there are plenty of actions that you can perform Sonic, also including a kick that will allow us to counter the defense of certain rivals.

The variety of situations that the game offers is designed to take advantage of all these actions, although not all will have the same importance in the development of adventure. Even we enjoy the classic levels on rails to let us the most spectacular and vibrant moments of the game. In any case, in all phases find the classic elements that distinguish Sonic adventure as propellants, loops, incredible jumps, traps, spikes and all sorts of enemies trying to make us lose all our lives and rings.

As usual in the genre of the platforms, the story is just an excuse to get us going and enjoy their fun approach. Once again we confront us to everlasting Dr.Eggman, who has managed to capture the power of terrifying creatures, Deadly Six. However, these villains are revealed against his own master and Sonic will have no choice but to ally itself temporarily with his archenemy to overcome these fearsome creatures that threaten the floating island of HEXAGON.

The story, which also features the (non – playable) presence of Tails, Knuckles or Amy, will be narrating to us through a series of CGI scenes that also serve as a link between the different levels. Indeed, at the end of each chapter we expected one of the six bosses that must defeat. A highlight is the brilliant design and different personality of each, besides having very different routines. Of course, as usual in the series, the difficulty is not very high, so it will not cost us much to kill them. Zavok, Zomom, Zazz, Zeena, Zor and teacher Zik, wait in six different dynamic battles that will test all our skill with the hedgehog. But before reaching each of the final battles, crossing paths with challenging fast – paced levels, huge underground tunnels and huge aerial structures that Sonic will travel inside, outside, and even upside down.

Surprising that this issue does not receive life by accumulating hundred rings , as their number is preset in advance, four of the attempts that have to overcome each phase, so that if we lose all we start from the beginning of the phase, regardless of the checkpoints that we had overcome. To try that nobody is locked in any section, when we die several times in the same area, it will appear a capsule that will allow us to skip this section.

The campaign Sonic Lost World has a not very high duration, which can be about the eight hours , although this will also depend on our ability and what stop to explore the levels to find the five coins that are hidden in each stage. We may also repeat all levels in trial mode and try to beat the best times of our friends and other Internet users, in addition to facing a number of challenges that proposes the game.

Graphics Sonic Lost World

The graphic is very precious thanks to huge colorful offering the game at all times and a fabulous art section that stands for the varied and inspiring it is. All a visual delight that remind us inevitably to Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 by the inclusion of some worlds with spherical appearance . Yes, always with the style of all the adventures of Sonic, so you do not miss a fast pace in many moments and the inclusion of all kinds of propellers, trampolines, looping and classic rings.

The game already looked at a high level in Wii U, but this version is much more round thanks to a technical section of much higher quality, thanks mainly to a resolution of 1080p and 60fps , which in a title of these characteristics sits wonder. It is all a joy to move at full speed by the beautiful scenery of adventure.

The level design stripe at a high level, with references to mythical levels as Green Hill or Casino Night. The setting of each zone is completely different, so you will not miss the green fields, caves, icy landscapes or areas suspended in the sky, but all now under a geometric perspective in air environments.

Sound Sonic Lost World

The same sound effects and melodies always the same with which it is difficult to his charms. Also noticed a very good dubbing Castilian.

Conclusion of Sonic Lost World

The fun adventure of Sonic Team travels at high speed from a PC Wii U, with a remarkable adaptation that improves all the visuals and adds all the extra content. Great news for all lovers of the blue hedgehog, but also for fans of the platforms, which will enjoy a great exponent of a genre with little presence in compatible.

The great success of the game is to have achieved a great balance between 2D and 3D mechanical to provide full color platforms and includes new skills and powers to our beloved blue hedgehog. The level design is a success because it takes full advantage of all shares of Sonic, while allowing also enter a not so common component in the series as it is scanning.

What do you think of our analysis of Sonic Lost World for PC? We are looking forward to reading your opinions, criticisms, questions and / or concerns.

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