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Choose the best gamepads

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best gamepads, because not all are suitable for certain devices or require the same care. Therefore, what at first may seem like a simple task, it is sometimes complicated? Fortunately, the current market offers a wide variety of models and prices. We have, in general, what are the features that these are must have accessories for games.

Tips for choosing gamepads

First, you should know that the list is endless control even more since the start of the rise of electronic elements such as tablets or mobile, for those who have developed special controls. Depending on the device for which you need this accessory will choose one or the other.

Choose the best gamepadsAny gamer knows that a quality control is essential to make the most of video games. This should offer everything necessary to make our game a unique experience, as sufficient reaction speed, the possibility of wireless or high battery time. These characteristics are required for many of the currently commercially available games.

Among the main features that should have all found the control of the built -in battery, if it is wireless. Although this may seem insignificant, the fact is that this feature is essential for our comfort, and is becoming more important with the passage of time. The vibration function is also highly valued by gamers.

It is appropriate to have options so DirectInput and XInput. Controls using the first of which must be manually configured, while the second is 100% compatible and does not require any configuration.

On the other hand, if what we want is a command to play on PC, we must be well informed about the compatibility of the different modalities of these accessories; taking into account also the games that we will use. For example, some of the most current detected correctly analog sticks.

To play on devices with Android, meanwhile, controls that allow us to recharge our Android with battery included with recommended. It is also advisable that not too heavy, so that we can take with us wherever we want. However, for this type of electronic devices usually serve the controls of consoles like the Xbox, PlayStation or Wii. In addition, in theory you can connect any controller with USB long as our Android device supports USB OTG.

What are the best gamepads?

A good example is this wireless controller with Bluetooth, compatible with Android / IOS (Picture 1) devices. Bluetooth 3.0 connection works, and has an internal rechargeable battery with charge indicator. You can connect with Android 3.2 and higher, and iOS 4.3 and higher. In addition, we can connect to a Smart TV to control the TV with him and combine it with 3D VR glasses for a fantastic multi-sensory experience. It also has a touch sensor that is useful for a number of applications.

Very similar with respect to their functions, though different in appearance, it is this wireless controller with Bluetooth for Android / IOS devices. It has the same features as the previous model, although this command is also telescopic, so it can be adapted to tablets and smartphones of different sizes. In addition, thanks to its design can grab the ends and manipulate it with ease.

What do you think these tips when choosing the best gamepads?

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