Philips ActionFit, sports headphones

Philips ActionFit, sports headphones

Philips has introduced its new range of sports headphones Philips ActionFit, which has been developed to provide a different design and features for every type of athlete.

Best in headphones Philips ActionFi

In addition, we have included improvements in three key ActionFi Philips to motivate those who decide to music to sports sections:

– More water resistant, certified IPX4 which guarantees its use in the rain or power wash them under running water, and more resistant to pulls, thanks to its cable Kevlar reinforced which makes them more durable, enduring the typical jerks that occur when training.

Philips ActionFit, sports headphones– Lower and higher sound quality: They all contain drivers of 8.6 mm neodymium and frequency response of 5 to 24.000Hz, which ensures powerful bass and high quality sound.

– More comfortable: They are ultralight and its design and features are designed for different types of athletes and training and different preferences to suit any ear.

Philips headphones ActionFi a model for every type of athlete

ActionFit SHQ1300LF and SHQ1305WS: Featherweight of 5.7 grams and shaped holding C with three types of pad. Its open acoustic design lets you hear external noises if that is the user’s preference, mainly for security reasons, so they are ideal for urban runner or cyclist who needs to hear what happens around while enjoying its music.

ActionFit SHQ2300LF and SHQ2305WS: These models are most hermetic and lighter (4.3 grams). Its in-ear design and outer ring makes the one hand, isolate external noise and virtually impossible to fall, ideal for who trains in natural settings or make sudden movements or he does in the gym and not to hear what happens around them.

ActionFit SHQ3300LF and SHQ3305WS: The difference with the other models is the restraint adjustable hook type. This makes your weight is slightly higher, although only 7.1 grams. As the handset is also in-ear isolation is as high as the previous model. The hook is customizable, adjusting the size according to the size of each ear. Despite this hook, let wear sunglasses so it is recommended for both gym and outdoor.

ActionFit SHQ4300LF and SHQ4300WS: This model weighs 11.4 grams and itsdesign rear hook and headband provides maximum possible support. The type of rubber used makes it light, flexible and very resistant , while ensuring perfect setting. Like his two brothers above range, it provides insulation from external noise and very optimal comfort, with three sizes of pads. It is ideal for long -distance runners and triathletes or simply for who prefers this type of support.

ActionFit SHQ7300 And SHQ8300: These two models will arrive later, after the summer, and ActionFit complete the new collection. Both include freeBluetooth and NFC for which prefer to forget the cables. Both models reach 10m away from the device connected wirelessly and headset, Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity and NFC for quick pairing. The SHQ1300 has a range of 6 hours 6mm micro-drivers and neodymium in-ear design music clamshell.