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Clean Cut Male Fashion

Calvin Klein Menswear is known for the very trendy men’s clothing line it offers. It has grown into one of the world’s most popular and well known fashion lines. The brand first started out in New York. The vision and drive of one man, Calvin Klein was behind it all. It rose to become something that was popular during the 1970s. However, it moved on from that niche and expanded into menswear design with many different fragrances and designs.

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The Calvin Klein menswear line has always had an obsession with clean cut lines and very simple patterns which can see online from Louis Boyd. The brand has also been very open about their devotion to the minimalist lifestyle and the emphasis they put on healthy living. This may come back to reward them though as more people have taken a liking to the lifestyle these companies promote. With this realisation the latest Calvin Klein fragrance and clothing ethics is no exception with the brand dedicating an entire creation to reminding us of how healthy living should really be.

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Klein is a great lover and developer of the pour homme fragrance, CK one for example.  This fragrance is all about the obsession with clean cut men’s fashion and a desire to rid ourselves of the excess weight that comes with being overweight. It certainly inspires one to slim down so as to fit into them. Ask yourself when you last saw a portly person sporting the Calvin Klein logo on their chest and around the leg area. Probably not as they act as an aspirational piece for a man looking to lose weight.


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