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Best ways to share school curriculum information with parents

The school success thrives on the support of the parents who send  their children there.  For the school to be effective the teachers and staff must actively engage the parents in the educational programs that the school offers.  If parents know what subjects are being taught and what their learning objectives are along with the methodologies that the teachers put in place, a unified approach to education can be achieved. The internet has provided a perfect opportunity for this synergy to happen and Websites for schools are one way to achieve this.

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When using websites for schools the first goal that can be reached is that parents can access the school curriculum.  Elements of this curriculum can be focused on to show you parents what the mean drivers of the school is in terms of their educational games.  Curriculum showcases can highlight certain areas with interactive exhibitions illustrating students’ work and projects.

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The curriculum can also be presented to parents in more traditional ways by email and newsletters. This allows the teachers to reach a wide range of parents in one attempt. It also allows them to emphasise certain areas of the curriculum through guides or handbooks that the parents can then read.  If parents are aware of what children are studying at school the idea is that they can then follow this up with home-based activities or extracurricular trips to places that will practically illustrate what the child is learning.

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