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We are legion, the new motto for customers

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.Tarry !. This slogan known that Anonymous championed their own struggle, could well be applied to the vast number of consumers and dissatisfied customers who protest or express their displeasure at the negative experiences with companies and brands. The only difference is that in this case, do not deal with anonymous people who lack or try to hide their identity, but people who report certain abuses and claimed to own name and so discovered, better treatment, better care and solutions their problems as clients.

Surely we all witnessed on occasion of a situation of this kind. Either through forums, communities or social networks, complaints and negative experiences by consumers exposed to all kinds of companies and brands are a constant which is continuously repeated. With it, companies reputation is at stake and tends to a thread that can sometimes lead to conflicts or problems many older and difficult to control for own brands.

We are legion, the new motto for customersA reality that companies can no longer hide. It is no longer possible to hide or cover the miseries and conflicts that were previously hidden to other customers and consumers. And the proof is that every day, there are more tests residually are left in internet witnessing such situations. Something about which companies and brands should not stop worrying because with this much confidence and credibility trying to convey is ends up losing.

The clearest example of this syndrome “angry customer” remains the major mobile operators, which has been decisive and has finished taking its toll to be considered one of the main reasons for the loss of customers. The cabreados customers have finally become a real legion in number and eager for revenge. Simply perform a search on the internet to realize the immense amount of criticism, complaints and complaints that users openly manifest to the continuing problems of these companies. Social networks have served to popularize these claims making the reputation of these companies active in decline.

However, we must not lose hope. Businesses start to worry a lot more to retain customers. So it is evidenced by a recent study of Oracle, where trends on trade, highlighting the efforts by companies to improve customer experience and get to keep him beside reflected. The figures show how the concern to improve the user experience translates into a significant increase in sales and loyalty by customers. A contrary view by companies and brands, only lead to further increase this legion of unhappy customers that does not show any mercy when it seeks to make clear or share your problems or negative experiences with brands.

Brands should listen more than ever the voice of consumers. They are also legion. Not forgive nor forget.

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