Spending on Internet advertising in 2019 will surpass the television

Spending on Internet advertising in 2019 will surpass the television

A Forrester study has set a date and time to time when ad spending on television will be behind the advertising investment in the digital market and change is imminent. According to the findings of the study, in 2016 it will reach one another and in 2019 the difference between them is already a few thousand million dollars.

In 2019, forecasts Forrester (which are limited to the US market, although this issue is the market of this country that often set the tone for what will happen in the other in the immediate future) indicate that spending on advertising television brands will be in the 85,800 million dollars. Faced with these numbers, digital advertising will get billed an amount 30% higher, as noted from the consultant, and reach 103,000 million. Thus, the investment in Internet advertising will overtake investment in TV advertising.

Spending on Internet advertising in 2019 will surpass the televisionWhat is the reason for this shift occurs? The reason that Internet advertising is carried increased investment will not be in a depletion of the television model or in a mass abandonment of brands that support. As they neither explained from Forrester, nor is it that advertisers are going to start putting all their faith in the various new formats that online advertising is generating. Actually, the reason for this growth is much simpler. The recovery of the economy will increase the money available for brands to invest in advertising campaigns and, of this new money come into play in the market; internet will be the best part.

Moreover, the fact that the internet has already been used as support for ads in recent years that advertisers already know the media (is no longer a mysterious new thing) and trust him.

“We have reached a more mature state with digital what we were in our last forecast, where people were still experimental. Now for the same reason advertisers have proven to increase their budgets data and information not overspend”, explains Shar VanBoskirk, Forrester analyst to AdAge. That is, advertisers have been using these media and have information on how they work and what they can and cannot do with them.

The digital budget

From that high advertising budget in the digital market, which searches will still set the tone. Despite everything that has been said and proven in recent years, brands continue betting on positioning your ads on search engine results. The reason is, according to Forrester, which for advertisers is much easier to measure the success or failure of the campaign. Will follow in the list of those the lion’s share, display ads with video ads included in this section.

Advertising on social networks will grow more than ever over the next five years, but it will not surpass search ads. According to point from Forrester, measurement systems ads on social networks have yet to reach maturity. At the moment, there are more than experimental methods and still have the strength in how they measure the results of other advertising services.

Moreover, mobile devices will also be one of the hot spots of the advertising investment. In 2019, according to predictions by Forrester, it will be spent 46.000 billion in mobile advertising and market mobile will account for 66% growth in advertising investment in digital media.