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Retailers suspended in mobile experience

Mobile sites and applications retailers do not meet user expectations in terms of experience and usability. So we learned a result of the survey conducted in the UK to more than 460,000 consumers ForeSee.

According to the Index of Experience ForeSee, none of the major retailers reached levels of excellence in their mobile sites in terms of customer experience. A reality that does not fit at all to the needs of users and which is a major obstacle to the development of mCommerce, with the aggravating circumstance that, poor mobile site optimization of a customer check into the arms of the competition.

Retailers suspended in mobile experienceForeSee data highlight the important role that smartphones in the daily lives of consumers. On the one hand, 46% use it to expand information while you shop; while 15% use their smart phone to practice showrooming, and another 20% directly makes purchases with mobile.

The quality of the mobile experience is directly proportional to their use by customers. Thus, 69% of highly satisfied customers with mobile tools provided by the retailer decides to buy through this channel.

One sector that could regret the consequences of not having an integrated strategy is the travel, one of the most important online trading. Tapjoy study published in December shows that 35% of these users use their smart to find information, along with the 24% that resort to it to find deals and promotions device. On the other hand, 21% normally make hotel reservations, and another 16% buy their flights directly via mobile.However, travel-related companies are not up to the expectations of customers. The IAB Mobile Travel Audit indicated that month that less than half of the major travel brands in UK have a mobile optimized site. One thing that still worsens the report of 8 Million Stories, who pointed out that of the 11 largest airlines in the UK, only one uses responsive design.

In view of the circumstances, companies plan to improve the mobile experience of its customers. As reflected in the “Travel Technology Europe”, 83% of travel companies invest more in technology this year; 72% specifically focus its efforts on its mobile strategy.

The basis for customer loyalty and increase sales is to offer an integrated across all channels experience. Companies have to take into account that customers do not differentiate between one means or another, whether online or offline channels. Only care properly access the information they need and to acquire the product regardless of the medium used at that time for it.

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