Most large online fashion shops need to optimize their websites to mobile devices

Most large online fashion shops need to optimize their websites to mobile devices

Fashion brands still have a long way to optimizary adapt their online sales to tablet devices; This is the main conclusion of the study by QUISMA, network marketing agencies results leader in Europe, whose aim is to assess the adaptation of online selling tablet device eight stores leading the fashion market in Spain: Nike, Zara, Adidas, C & A, Stradivarius, Mango, Springfield and Desigual.

Mango stores and adidas have developed remarkably adapted to tablet devices; They have a simple structure and a careful design and large buttons for easy user navigation both vertical and landscape. In addition, registration and purchasing processes are very intuitive and have confidence elements, conditions of purchase and a button Call-to-Action visible and highlighted.

online shopping with smart phone on tableMeanwhile, Stradivarius has a greater potential for improvement. For example, you could offer the possibility of modifying the order without interrupting the buying process, include elements of trust or information concerning data protection.

Difficulties in making purchases

In many cases, users face difficulties that can reach discourage their purchase. In the process of online shopping it is especially important to convey security and confidence.

Add the contact information, a help button or quality seals considerably reinforces this feeling. The latter are elements that certify that the store has been certified by companies like “Trusted Shop” in relation to a number of criteria such as creditworthiness, price transparency, customer service or security of data.

Study methodology: evaluation of the four main areas of a store online

To determine the overall success, QUISMA has analyzed the four main phases involved in the process: home or home page, product detail page, shopping cart and check-out. And interestingly the results differ greatly depending on the area analyzed

Home or home page

For most visitors it is the login page to the Web and, therefore, the place where the first impression is produced. Ideally, visitors feel motivated to purchase.

While some stores are particularly well positioned in their home page, as is the case Man¬go, you get the best overall result with 95.31%, and adidas (90%), others worse obtained in this section results.

Product detail page

Here the user can see the product carefully, making a good presentation is vital. This section should include a productive large image and all relevant information on elitism. In addition, it overspecialization important to place in a visible area of a button Call-to-Action resulting unmistakable and striking.

Shopping basket

At this stage of purchase, where the customer wants to have an overview, you must present all information on the product, of the total expenditure and the different means of payment.


Check-out is the last step in the process of online shopping and therefore, users appreciate a quick check-out in this section as above is particularly relevant convey safety and Confucian. It is reached, example, adding contact information, help buttons or quality labels as “Trusted Shop”.

This section is important to note that four of the eight online shops were positioned in the middle section of the table.