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Marketing online: 5 Keys to face

The content for mobile devices, the interest that the “more visual” social networks and the use of more efficient metrics are some of the trends that will continue to consolidate next year.

The emergence of the Internet in our lives brought new habits, new ways to access information (and share) and a vast range of entertainment in multiple ways. Consequently, manufacturers quickly realized that had landed in the digital world to seduce the growing majority of consumers connected.

But the web is, by definition, a changing territory. Sites, social platforms, applications and content associated with them are renewed all the time, blessed or ignored by millions of Internet users. For marketing strategists is not only essential to understand the ever-changing nature of the digital sphere but to identify, at a given moment, what are the most relevant to the design and promote actions of online marketing trends are.

Marketing online 5 Keys to faceFor next year, they will be some of the keys that every brand should consider:

Social media: There is life beyond Facebook and Twitter

At this point, no one disputes the importance of social networks in generating content and, especially, when your viralización benefit.However, you must understand that “no life” beyond the two most popular social networks.

The popularity gained by Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest is an indicator to consider. The rise of these platforms will hand the growing prominence ofvisual content and its great capacity viralización, especially among the generation of “millennials” or called digital natives.

More content, more segmentation

Many users are beginning to run away from some of the traditional forms of advertising. It is because they have little time or do not want to see their favorite video interrupted by the insertion of an advertisement, these consumers are demanding more and better content of the marks.

A recent study by the Content Marketing Institute notes that the content in social networks, case studies and articles on business websites lead the strategy in this field. In all cases, the key is to produce content especially designed for specific audiences.

Smartphones and tablets: Content “mobile-friendly”

Connections from mobile devices are increasing at an exponential rate. But is the marketing industry noting that this implies a completely different user experience?

This is not a technical issue but to rethink the user of mobile devices. Brands that want to attract the interest of owners of iPhones, iPads and other devices are required to provide positive navigation experience and generate content “mobile-friendly”. Otherwise, it is likely that the site of the competition is much more seductive.

It is said of me: manage reputation online

Being part of the digital era means that companies can not only voice their messages on the web. Since blogs, and social first, then networks opened a channel of opinion so that people could express themselves without censorship, brands found that all that is said about them is not really positive.

Therefore, monitoring and analysis of brand reputation is gaining popularity within companies. Efforts can include anything from tracking and tracing of opinions and impressions to redefining communication strategies from specific cases.

Measuring better: more consolidated metrics

If anything online marketing specialists appreciate, it is the ability to measure the impact of their actions, even in real time. Visits to a page, the “likes” on Facebook or the amount of tweets linked to a particular brand or product can be critical when interpreting the results of a campaign data.

However, experts warn that the numbers, by themselves, may be “snake oil” but reflect the appropriate data. It is not a question of accuracy but of relevance: a viral video can be very successful as measured by the amount of times he was seen but if we do not connect these figures with their impact on actual sales, we may be losing focus. Fortunately, next year we can expect that the metrics are consolidated, partly thanks to the advances of big data and the emergence of more sophisticated analytical tools.

The unwritten rules of the digital universe are continually changing. Capture and capitalize on these transformations is part of the work of marketers, we must follow in the footsteps of online consumer behavior and reach them in the best way. After all, we must remember that one of the main objectives of the area of marketing is to help grow sales of the company, so that the information on our side, the challenge will be much closer fulfilled.

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