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Keys marketing in the social era: Being without disturbing

In an increasingly digital world, the key is to have a potential as human behavior without disturbing or persecuting, show up, conquest, and take your audience.

Every time we look for something related to marketing or advertising, with viral videos or SOMOLO applications, we find numerous studies and opinions that seek to understand and take advantage of consumer behavior. With neuromarketing not only we want to understand this behavior as a way to control our campaigns have a high effectiveness. We always want more, and that leads us to seek more complicated processes to get a simple answer.

Keys marketing in the social era Being without disturbingAlready said in his time Woody Allen: 80% of success is to appear. The marks must know appear in the life of their current and potential customers without disturbing them. There is nothing worse than receiving emails that interest not wake us, receive calls from offers that do not interest us or have a thousand red notices in each application that all they do is fill the phone screen in an uncomfortable way and unattractive.

Companies need to know how to use the means available to achieve so accompany their clients in a discreet, constantly and, I would say, almost subliminal. Must achieve to be an essential part of the user’s life, that website you can not stop viewing or that application that you can not stop watching before bedtime.

But as appearing in such a repetitive manner without causing the “rejection effect” on my clients?

First, you should know that social media are complementary and that, depending on our business, everyone can develop a certain function. When appearing in the life of a customer, it is important that this intervention meets the following requirements or qualities:

  • Need: it is vital that when we publish something we do because we need it , because we have something to say and that something we have to convey to the customer as soon as possible. Otherwise, the customer will miss a good opportunity not only to purchase or download, but to be known or know each other better
  • New : as we will communicate any information to our audience, is key that content is new, not to repeat the same idea of the previous communication and to transmit the feeling that things are moving, which today you may be no longer available tomorrow and continue developing new projects and lines of work
  • Exclusivity: either through a mail promotions and high descendents, or photos on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, etc., it is essential that the public feel exclusive. They have to feel that belonging to this group, follow that brand, or maintain that subscription gives them something different that otherwise could not be obtained: both can be, for example, pictures of a making off (or a backstage) that they are uploaded to Instagram closely informally and, as the story of how things are preparing for a big event through Twitter.
  • Timing : all other elements will lose their effect if not communicate at the right time. We know that the best day to send emails is Tuesday, but obviously we can not limit our actions to a single day of the week. It is important to record the day and time that the promotion, sale or any kind are made. Knowing when our team has led our audience for the last time prevent go through heavy, desperate or intentional. The “to what day and what time” obviously depends on the business or application in question but there are some rules to follow: never intervene with the client more than once a day, if he wants to know more we willlook at us and not opposite; finally, the very early morning hours, from 15 to 17h and after dinner hours are usually the most chosen for closer consult your phone or computer.
  • Simple and visual: increasing the importance of computer graphics stand out, so our communications can not ignore this fact and be as concrete and visual as possible. 60% of what we remember our customers will be visual and if we want to continue visualizing what we have to offer we have about 5 seconds to convince them that what they are seeing are interested in and they will lose more if they are or if they fail to pay attention to if they stay.

In conclusion, companies need to get the client the look for them and not the opposite; must be present to achieve an almost unconscious way the mind of the person concerned so that when you have a free moment thefirst thing that comes to mind is open our website or our application.Notifications have on mobile or mail are few but essential – details memories – that are keeping you hooked to the product we have. This is achieved by a novel, simple and visual communication, the client deemed necessary and he has come to know the perfect and make you feel special moment. Otherwise, it will pass and we will have wasted our time on ourselves known.

Easier writing that fact, yes. But somewhere it begins. So if you have not done, and Begin: show up, give to know your audience and conquistadlo in the best way. Time to appear in the life of our customers is now.

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