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Is the Sun setting on Department Stores?

The current situation we find ourselves in has created the perfect storm for an already embattled and beleaguered high street. The large multi-levelled shop system where you can buy everything from fragrance to frying pans and Clothing to Couches is starting to disappear. Debenhams, once seen as one of the oldest and most successful, is facing the reality that they may have to close. It seems to many to be inconceivable that this would happen but they are just the victim of a retail situation that has been coming for some time. It all starts with the creation of the internet. For example why go into town when you can see just as much choice from the comfort of home and use https://www.louisboyd.co.uk/brands/tommy-hilfiger.html for your purchase of some Mens Tommy Hilfiger Clothes.

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The high street has been under threat for sometime even before the Internet. The growth in Business rates and landlords charging higher rents and leases, fuelled by the retail and consumerist success of the Nineties and early Noughties, have not seen a subsequent reduction unless the company has asked them to thus damaging credit lines.

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It is us the public that are truly to blame. Whilst we look sadly at the loss of high street brands we have to ask ourselves if we support them?  Not that we should feel that guilty. Many companies have embraced online and are making a huge success from it in addition to the store sales. Business is a fast moving world and staying on top of it is a very difficult task indeed.

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