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How to use technology to improve customer service

The customer is a key in the sales cycle; an ingredient that is present throughout the process and which bears the responsibility to ensure a satisfactory experience and promote their loyalty.

Have good customer service is the next level, you can strengthen the bond and build trust. Hence the need to innovate in this area, applying new tools and channels to facilitate this communication. Fortunately there are many solutions on the market, which should know and UQUE can always be integrated to exploit their potential.

The online chat, to chat in real time from the website. It is very common during the checkout process, customer expresses doubts. Before which, it can choose to search for information on the web, or try to find by any means. If you have the opportunity to speak directly, without the need to pick up the phone, quickly and effectively, it will increase the likelihood that the customer use this system, and it valued as a point in favor of the company. On the other hand, internally it is a fast and efficient method of managing customer requests, including several at once, thereby saving time and money and gaining in effectiveness.

How to use technology to improve customer serviceThe forum as a meeting point between customers. By creating a forum, the brand enables a space within your own site, where customers have free access to submit questions and suggestions about the company and its products. Its great attraction is the role played by its users, who end up helping each other. It is an option to create a community around the brand.Although initially it is normal that it should intervene more, as the forum grows in number of users, and they see their usefulness, eventually starring in the activity of this social scenario. Thus, the role of the company is reduced to closely monitor the activity and moderating some timely intervention.

Remote Desktop, to solve the problem directly on the customer’s computer. Very useful in case of technical problems or software technology issues, where it is difficult to explain the specific problem, and even more the fact of giving the right solution. Therefore, there is a possibility that the client share the display of your computer and even access to it, thereby allowing solve the problem.

Agility and comfort of social networks to connect with the brand at any time and place. Channels such as Twitter and Facebook allow users to go to the brand from their own profiles without the need to access the Web, send a mail or pick up the phone. A reality that forces manufacturers to have a department ready to handle such requests in a timely manner, thus effectively transmit image and generate customer confidence.

The Community Manager as manager of the online brand presence. One of its tasks is to monitor the activity related to the brand, the industry and its products or services across the online scenario. For this there are complex tools, as well as basic and effective utilities like Google alerts.Thanks to them you can identify requests to the brand that take place outside its borders, and to act effectively and diligently.

We should not forget the classics, such as mail. This is a medium that allows customers to transmit their problem of direct, private and without technical limitations, or extension. It also represents a great advantage for brands, since it provides a margin to assess the problem well and offer the best solution, without the pressure of having to respond in real time.

The area of the customer evolves. Customers are increasingly demanding, demand a personalized and immediate professional attention; It is leading companies to invest in these ways and more resources in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

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