How to send fragile items by courier

How to send fragile items by courier

Shipping fragile items, whether it’s within your country or to another, can be a daunting task. The risk of damage to the contents is high, and the thought of your precious items being tampered with can be unsettling. This guide is here to help you navigate these challenges and ensure your fragile items reach their destination intact.
Packing a Fragile Item

You may not be moving a priceless masterpiece, but packing fragile items requires equal care and attention.

Choose a robust yet lightweight box that can withstand constant handling – corrugated cardboard is best. Wrap fragile items individually using bubble wrap, then place them snugly in the box, leaving enough space for packing materials such as foam peanuts. If you’re packing multiple delicate items in one box, use partitions. But don’t overstuff, or your box could explode.

One helpful tip for securing your items is to use a tamper-evident security seal. This way, you’ll know if the contents of your package have been damaged or interfered with. This measure is highly effective in maintaining the integrity of your product and packages.

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Sealing your Package

Use the H-Taping method to seal your box securely. This involves applying tape evenly along the seam where the box flaps meet in the middle, then sealing the sides of the box securely.

Once complete, add marked FRAGILE stickers to every surface of your box. Add a security seal such as those from in a prominent place to ensure your parcel isn’t tampered with.

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Select the right parcel delivery service

Opt for a courier that has a good reputation and insures your items to an appropriate level. Arrange for collection and delivery if you prefer to have oversight of the package from the moment it leaves your premises, or drop off at a collection point.

Tracking is indispensable when shipping fragile items. Tracking lets you stay updated on the progress of your parcel and any issues that arise during delivery.

Shipping fragile products and items can be stressful. However, following these tips should mean your delicate parcels arrive in tip-top condition.