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Free delivery vs online discounts, a battle between generations

There is no point denying the evidence. Discounts and other economic incentives are the last little push that customers need to finally push the button to buy.

However, not all these “cuts” have the same effect or influence equally on all customers. According to the study of Retention Science, customers prefer to get a percentage discount on their orders. Such is the case of 30.9%.

Another advantage that the rage is being able to save shipping costs. About a quarter of respondents (21.8%) prefer not to have to pay more for that home with the order.

Free delivery vs online discounts, a battle between generationsAlso, a fixed discount (not a percentage) is preferred by 12.7% of these consumers benefit. In the list start to seem advantages even today still underused as is the ability to offer product suggestions based on buying habits, or customer profile (7.3%), a sample of how the user experience is a factor that positively influences buying decisions.

For its part, the report prepared by Flagship Research for BlueHornet goes a little further, analyzing the impact of these economic benefits depending on the age of customers. Thus, we have known that younger are opting for discounts on the purchase amount, while later generations value significantly enjoy free shipping costs.

Specifically, in the case of consumers over 46 years decant the balance in favor of saving shipping costs; with its peak from 56 years (36%) point.

On the opposite side, are the customers of the Millennial generation who clearly want to enjoy a discount for the amount of your purchase (34%).However, in the case of young people aged 18 to 24 years, this difference is much more equitable, slightly emphasizing the preference for discount (29.8% vs 27.4%).

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