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An Essential Guide

Corporate Event Planning: An Essential Guide

Have you been tasked with organising a corporate event for your company and aren’t sure where to begin? From finding the best event companies in Dublin to thinking about what you really want out of it, here’s a simple guide to planning a corporate event.

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What is the Goal?

What is the objective of the day? Is it team building or simply a way to say thank you to employees and their families? Try to find out what your MD really wants to achieve with this event. Bonding or team-building sessions are usually for employees only and might require an expert facilitator. Events can range from a formal team development workshop held at the office to a day of paintballing. If, however, it’s simply a matter of saying thanks and having a good time, anything goes and it all depends on the budget.


It is nearly impossible to hold any corporate event without food. Attendees will be expecting food whether it’s just a training workshop or a full-on family fun day. If your goal is to thank your employees, the gift of a satiated stomach is the first place to start. If you lack the budget for a sit-down meal, it’s time to think outside the box. Festival or street food vans are now far more diverse than a simple burger van and can include anything from wood-fired pizza vans to posh pies and hog roasts.

Enlisting Help

Depending on the budget, it might make sense to enlist the help of an events company. Dublin event organisers such as Davis Events Agency will be able to advise you at every step. Event organisers can be involved as much or as little as you want them to be, but they are the ones who have the connections and knowledge to really see your event go off with a bang.


In addition to the food, what will really stick in people’s minds is the entertainment. If the budget is low, look into hiring lawn games. If the budget is bigger, you can consider something that will enrapture the guests such as a magician, a circus act or even a musician.

Getting a corporate event right is easy once you’ve decided what you want to get out of it and when you’re realistic about the budget.

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