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Companies are giving priority to content over ads

Nobody likes online ads: interrupt, deconcentrated, and half the time not even appear products you could be interested in buying. The figures endorse: the ratio click on the banners does not stop down, 94% of consumers skip the pre-roll ads for the first five seconds and 1 in 10 display ads come not ever be seen by a person. Not to mention the rapid growth in the adoption of adblocking: legion consumers are happy to do without online advertising.

In this context, brands must bet on other formats to promote themselves , and budgets give a good account of this: every time grows more investment in quality content, compared with advertisements life, as reflected in the analyst Rebecca Lieb in a new report, where various statistics on the effectiveness of online ads of various brands top are shared.

Companies are giving priority to content over adsAs Lieb own explains. “As decreases the effectiveness of advertising, marketers are turning to other forms of marketing to get generate more engagement of consumers during their shopping trip marketing and content strategy have emerged as rescuers in the new marketing hierarchy as leaders seek alternatives to paying ads that are not already producing tangible results.”

Keep in mind that the consumer is not only tired of online advertising, it does neither case: 60% are unable to remember the ads that have been exposed and 54% believe that we work at all). So marketers chatted with which Lieb said their budgets are shifting increasingly towards social platforms and sponsored, especially through mobile content. It is native content posed a new marketing thinking: through stories maintained that bring added value to the user and be entertained.

The report also emphasizes that, as screens and devices proliferate and beacons in-store or proximity sensors, brands begin to bet more determined by real-time messages in channels both internal payment. The ability to respond to events at the time, and to exploit their potential, will be key to capitalizing on the behavior of consumers sporadic.

Investment is growing

A good proof that companies give priority to content marketing is that more and more resources to this area dedicated, something that corroborates numerous recent studies, which highlights also, this is not the only way among large companies, but the SMEs also paying increasing attention to these issues and 8 out of 10 and at least distribute content through social networks.

A report of Skyword revealed that 4 out of 10 companies increased the budget on content marketing this year, and this increase was especially focused on visual storytelling, video is one of the most common content companies, and that they work best, although still much presence the blog, while others denser formats such as white papers and ebooks seem to lose prominence.

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