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Are community managers capable of generating experiences and emotions among followers of brands?

We know that emotions are one of the cornerstones of the commitment that customers buy with brands. We know that they have become a target for the identification of which depends on the success of a marketing strategy.We know that the product will now precedes the experience, as a link between customers and brands.

The experience has become an indivisible part of the new advertising. The pursuit of customer engagement with the brand, is not possible without impact and emotion variables that make the experience “a matter of mutual benefit.”

Are community managers capable of generating experiences and emotions among followers of brandsCommunity Managers and influential Marketing, great challenges

Community Manager as the tip of the iceberg team in experiential marketing the challenge of achieving loyalty through emotions, a concept that continues resulting abstract.

Encourage thinking, bring users to reflect on a topic of interest, encourage dialogue. The ability to perceive, to take the place of our users, analyze our strategy from the point of view of the consumer that underlies all of us.

Convey emotion, this is perhaps the greatest challenge facing Community Manager in managing the brand community. Due to the link between emotion and experience, the best way to generate both, it is to be authentic and passionate about what we do.

Action and reaction, the experiential marketing strategies based on common feature transmission “lifestyles” resulting from the bond formed between brands and customers.

The Community Manager seeking efficiency through experiential marketing strategies have to have very clear ideas pursued perpetuate the brand. Similarly they must be able to identify trends resulting from the interaction and dialogue with users. This is where to germinate the “way of life” only associated with the brand.

Experiential marketing and its merger with the union of influences, is what results in the unique value and added of each business and make a new advertising guidelines.

The focus has changed, winning point for the consumer

The center of power is in the consumer, Community Manager emerges as an efficient link between internal and external customers, bearing great responsibility to balance both, manage the derivatives crisis and achieve consistency between the slogan of the brand and its actions.

Teach the consumer is key to both the experience and influence. And … teach consumers getting involved and contribute to innovation, is the backbone of growth through loyalty.

It is obvious that the focus has changed, today the consumer is able to detect any hint of artificial action by brands and banish him to beat criticism or adverse comment promoted efficiently. And in real time!

In experiential marketing, and brands- -customers both parties are satisfied with the beneficial they get for their bond.

Closely linked to resource management, only instead of financial resources, these are personal. Allowing the establishment of methodologies to gain experience through community action.

All this seems to lead to a major challenge for brands. If, access identification and proper management of experiences are essential for the loyalty of our customers, you need to have additional resources to increase the quality of our actions.

The time has come to really appreciate what it means active listening of those who exercise the winning point today, is his experience that allows growth of brands.

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