45% of mobile users demand personalized offers tailored to your interests

45% of mobile users demand personalized offers tailored to your interests

It is no news that customers seeking information on what they are interested in buying. An activity for which 61% use their smartphone. A fact that turns mobile devices into major drivers of sales, also for retailers.

The study of GE Capital Retail has been able to appreciate the usefulness of these mobile devices when encouraging sales, not only online, but also in the case of traditional shopping. Thus, 36% of participants in their study acknowledge that they have made a purchase with your smartphone in the last quarter.

45% of mobile users demand personalized offers tailored to your interestsAnother important aspect is the study showing the influence that the offers received via mobile exerted on purchase intent. 40% of respondents recognized that it would buy in a store if it would offer relevant offers with some frequency. According to his data, 7 out of 10 customers take advantage of these discounts usually; especially in the case of coupons. An increasingly common trend, which has seen rapid growth in recent months.According to a report developed by Placecast, that 45% of mobile users were interested in receiving personalized offers, while last year, only 31% gave permission.

One conclusion that reaffirms the study published by Responsys, conducted among customers who subscribe to mobile alerts brands, and where 2 out of 3 customers acknowledged having made some motivated by any of these messages targeted and relevant purchase. Also, 43% of respondents positively the the company to offer you an integrated across all channels experience, the mobile marketing one more piece in the gear that makes up the complete strategy.

When it comes to move customers to action, proposals based on price discounts are those that achieve better results (66%). Second, limited offers, or those focusing on the closest time customer environment are also able to make purchase (52%). On the other hand, proposals based on a previously purchased product (47%), or suggestions about the same (45%) make repeat purchase action. In all cases the need to offer a personalized offer, tailored to customer needs is evident.

Relevance is the key to conversion. One feature that many brands still have failed to implement. A third of respondents subscribed to this type of mobile messages indicated that the messages received did not meet their needs.

Definitely, the smartphone is a useful tool to attract customers into buying mode tool, everything depends on the ability of companies to develop custom actions and be able to deliver the right message at the most appropriate time.