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10 ideas to bring the customer experience to the next level

The customer holds now more than ever the focus of the strategy of any company. His experience and level of demand leads us to constantly work to exceed your expectations.

It is no longer enough to be there to address a specific problem, it is necessary to the next level. To this end, the article of 1to1media collects 10 ideas to advance our goal of providing a fully satisfactory experience to our customers…

Be proactive. The customer does not begin only when he calls our attention to a significant problem, but must be present from the first signs of it. The detection of the first setback is enough to launch the whole mechanism, and wake up alerts that allow them to act, in order to show our interest in ensuring their satisfaction, resolve any issues related to the brand.

10 ideas to bring the customer experience to the next levelProvide a multichannel experience. It is essential to maintain the same quality of service, the same agility responsiveness and efficiency regardless of the selected channel. To do this, tools like Social CRM allow a complete view of the customer; so that the same information available and may act the same responsiveness, in any situation, whatever their origin or nature.

Do not forget the mobile experience. We highlight these intelligent terminals because, today, represent the most direct and pervasive channel for reaching customers. Users constantly turning to these devices for information, answers and solutions to their particular demands. Hence the need to commit to a specific strategy to optimize the strategy in these devices.

Designing an internal policy that cohesion and integrate the various departments. The customer experience requires a holistic view within the organization itself. All members of ten members have the same information, same willingness to act, and the same capacity for intervention.

Give customers the power of their information. Information about our customers is an active high level for the company, but we cannot forget that not belong to us. Therefore, we must act responsibly and act accordingly. Also, it should be noted that customers are willing to share their valuable information in exchange for economic incentives. Therefore, we can take this advantage, always responsibly, to convey our commitment to the privacy of your information, while we enable the appropriate means to collect and properly manage this data, with the full consent of customers. To this end, companies have an exclusive panel for customers, where they register their information, and grant permission for the brand to use your information. The company must act in accordance with its commitment and provide the promised benefits.

Pay attention to small details. To complement the Big Data, we have the Small Data; ie closer information to our environment, we work every day, and we are more familiar. If the Big Data allows us to detect trends and design scenarios, Small Data shows our reality reflects the environment in which we live. In conjunction, both data sources help shape where we are and where we walk.

Betting on constant innovation and adaptation of the strategy. The customer experience is not static but is in constant development. The demands of customers vary, experience increases and revolves around different priorities. Therefore, the company must remain alert, detect these new needs, and work to meet them.

Redefining the concept of customer loyalty. What exactly is customer loyalty? What are the signs that show us their loyalty? What the company does to promote its connection to the brand? It should stop thinking about these issues, in order to ensure that we are on the right track, and really the basis for an alignment between the brand and our customers feel.

Do not underestimate the power of social networks to reach customers. Social networks are not an advertising platform, but a means to establish a two – way communication with our community. For this reason, it is important to develop a proactive strategy in these channels open and accessible to our customers.

Always be authentic. The company must always act around its values, its corporate philosophy and mission. Regardless of the chosen channel or the strategy always has to be it. This detonate its authenticity, build trust and encourage loyalty.

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