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Protect your skin from solar radiation and free radicals

You know what the best alternative to protect your skin health against attacks by free radicals and solar radiation? Our skin is surrounded by a natural barrier that will help us in this regard, but often this defense system is not enough. Discover the benefits that new solar products Sesderma can bring us.

Breathing, exercise and food are some of the usual processes that generate the formation of free radicals in our body. However, beyond purely internal factors, we can find other threats abroad that play an essential role in this field such as chemical additives in processed foods, smoke snuff or industrial pollution.

Protect your skin from solar radiation and free radicalsFaced with these unstable molecules, we must add the side effects that one exposure to sunlight can have on our skin health. In the same instant the UV radiation from sunlight reaches our skin, it can penetrate, reach our cells and modify the structure that makes up our DNA.

Sesderma protects our skin with Repaskin

The defensive barrier that surrounds our skin, despite being a great ally against these threats, the fact is that it is often not enough to prevent all this damage. Precisely to strengthen the protection of our skin and restore the structure of DNA that has been seriously affected by free radicals or sunlight, we can use new products Sesderma with DNA repair enzymes.

We refer to the new Repaskin line that to get this arduous repair work on the structure of our DNA, incorporating the so – called SHIELD-SYSTEM technology .Indicated for photodamaged skin and exposure to the sun, these new products Repaskin of Sesderma help us prevent skin cancer, oxidative damage, soothe, moisturize and repair all the damage done in our cells by the action of sunlight.

The photoreparadores of Repaskin, as can be the solar post gel, sunscreen, serum and mist with locked into lipid bubbles assets include antioxidants ergothioneine and ptersotilbeno to prevent premature aging of our cells, or green tea reduces erythema, also for its antioxidant function.

Along with these, we can also find the addition of other compounds such as is the case of silymarin that protects us against sunburn and damage the DNA structure or Thermus thermofila that also functions as a potent antioxidant in relation with ergothioneine.

However, beyond antioxidant, immunomodulatory and anti – inflammatory for properties prevent skin cancer above, the novelty is found in the introduction of Zinc fingers and dipsomania repair enzymes, through which the action of defense against radical’s radiation will be total.

The mere fact of paying attention and care our skin and body deserve, will allow us to enjoy better health in the future. In this way, we will glimpse the dawn with a more vital and renewed spirit.

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