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Four skinny celebrities: Tired or inspired?

For years now, a debate has raged over the “cult of skinny” that is powerfully in evidence in the world of fashion and Hollywood. Skinny is apparently beautiful, a perception that has led many models, actresses and singers to go on strict diet and exercise regimens in order to be as thin as possible. Closer to home, thousands of teenage girls and young women also push themselves to the limit and beyond in their desire to emulate their idols.

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Is being skinny really all it is cracked up to be? If your favourite starlet or celerity role model is super-thin and you are not, does it mean you can’t have her style? Read on to find out. First, here’s a look at the damaging side of being whippet-thin.

The skinny truth

To see how damaging the skinny trend can be, all you have to do is read articles from the Daily Mail and Juicy Celeb about the topic. Constant dieting and exercise can have a dramatic effect on your body and leave you depleted of energy and much-needed vitamins. Who says only thin women can be beautiful anyway? These days, there are plenty of gorgeous plus-sized models out there demonstrating that curves are just as stunning.

Skinny stars

Keira Knightley is renowned for her ultra-thin frame, as is Sarah Jessica Parker, troubled pop star Miley Cyrus, and even Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Are these skinny women famous or talented because of their shape? Are they tired or inspired? In cases like Knightley’s, her thinness is probably down to genetics as much as luck. Why don’t we focus on healthier ways of following in their style footsteps, such as concentrating on their clothes?

To emulate their glamorous and effortless style regardless of your size, you could invest in some really fabulous clothes. A little black dress is always a winner, as is a really good pair of jeans like the women’s skinny designer jeans you can purchase at sites such as http://www.cuba-clothing.com. Accessorise your outfits with statement jewellery and you won’t fail to make a splash!

As you can see, you don’t have to be thin to be glamorous, gorgeous and stylish, so if you want to ditch those carrot sticks and go for a Big Mac, don’t think twice!

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