Definitely Something to Smile About

It can be tough if you have crooked teeth or an unsightly gap between them, as everyone on the TV seems to have beautiful teeth. A flick through the pages of any paper or magazine will reveal a myriad of smiling faces – each with a beautiful mouth of glistening white teeth. The teenage years can be difficult ones, as girls and boys try to get their bodies, hair and clothes to look as good as those of their favourite stars. Traditionally, teenagers have often had the added challenge of having to wear orthodontic braces. Luckily for those with less than a perfect smile, help is at hand with the latest Cardiff Invisalign treatment.

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This innovative new treatment is the ideal one for self-conscious teenagers, as it does not use traditional fixed metal braces, which have been referred to as ‘tram lines’. Whilst they were the best method to achieve straight and evenly spaced teeth, their use was a painful decision for most teenagers, as they are unsightly and in no way discreet.

A New Way to a Perfect Smile

This new treatment that is gaining in popularity is a clear orthodontic system that uses removable clear braces (aligners) to move and straighten teeth to achieve a beautiful smile.

The Modern Treatment for a Great Smile!

The first step is to have some impressions taken of the teeth so that the dentist can study them to identify the problems. If the Invisalign treatment system can then be used, a 3D model is made of the teeth, and using the latest dental technology, there is the chance to see a forward projection of how the teeth can be successfully realigned by a series of clear invisible braces to give a beautiful and confident smile. Cardiff Invisalign treatment is the perfect treatment for everyone, as the nearly invisible braces can be worn with confidence because they are almost unnoticeable. The braces are removable and are custom-made for each customer to ensure a comfortable fit. They will successfully correct each person’s individual problems. Regular dental check-ups ensure that the braces correct the alignment of teeth as swiftly as possible.

Looking to the future, what better way to ensure your teenager has plenty to smile about than giving them a large and confident smile in the best way possible?