Cavitation treatment to eliminate localized fat

Cavitation treatment to eliminate localized fat

Erected as a novel treatment for fat reduction, the cavitation employs the latest technology in order that it can be used with maximum safety and ease to achieve the expected results.

From a series of ultrasound of different frequencies without surgery, anesthesia or scars, cavitation is an aesthetic technique that can remove fat, cellulite and reducing measures. As an alternative to liposuction to achieve the same results,cavitation is a method with which the walls of the fat cells are broken, so that finally the liquefied fat is removed by the body in a completely natural way and without complications of any class by operation of the lymphatic system. Here, drink plenty of water is essential for this purpose.

Cavitation treatment to eliminate localized fatEffects of cavitation

Logically, we recommend, before undergoing any treatment of this type, first consult with your medical specialist of potential risks which may arise. Also, it is vital that reports to professional beauty center about any health problems you had in the past or still have today.

The risks that can lead this method are minimal. However, remember that when using ultrasound to achieve their ends a lot of heat which might tend to the formation of burns, scars or blisters on our skin is created, though a surgeon in this field you will know how to act on it to avoid any problems. In this sense, we must remember that the risk of burns is unlikely.

Another possible effects of cavitation may be the risk of serum (accumulation of liquid fat, serum and lymph), which occurs when the body produces excess enough liquid to try to replace the lost with the process of fat removal. Until the cavity is completely closed, this liquid is constantly removed from a syringe. When the body removes as much fat liquified as specified in previous lines, you may run the risk that unlikely to offset that loss may arise automatically serum.

In any case, as you can see, if any, risks are greatly reduced cavitation.

Types of cavitation

On the other hand, we should remember that there are different kinds of cavitation. For one distinguishes traditional or stable, it is to generate micro bubbles, on which apply ultrasound at different frequencies. All this will generate the fat implode, becoming liquid drain and expelled through urine.

For its part, the so – called ultra cavitation act on the localized area applying such low frequency ultrasound, which will end with fatty tissue without damaging the movement.

Finally, the call is Double Cavitation, which generate ultrasonic waves or two different frequency in order to raise the internal temperature. By accumulating a lot of energy, fat will end breaking.

Tips cavitation

Before undergoing a treatment of cavitation, as you can offer any aesthetic trust center, it is advisable not to consume alcohol three days before a session, and avoid eating fatty foods, fried and spicy to not overload the kidneys or liver.

It is also advisable to drink plenty of water before each session because it favors conducting ultrasound.

Once the session ends, recovers liquid to help clean the body of the remaining liquified fat. Complementary manner, so that the effects of cavitation are best, ideally daily exercise or sport. Through sweating physical activity we will release part of the fat.

The cavitation improve blood circulation, elasticity and appearance of the skin in few sessions, as well as the elimination of toxins and the production of collagen in the skin. At the same time, it eliminates cellulite gradually, not to mention all that will tone the muscles of the body.