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What is Diesel?

Diesel fuel per se is any fuel utilized in diesel automobiles, whose combustion occurs, due to the compression of the fuel-rich inlet air mixture, and then instant injection of diesel into the combustion chamber, resulting in the efficient fuel burn. Diesel engines enjoy wide applications due to higher thermal efficiency, thermodynamic stability, and also mileage. For more information on Injector reconditioning Northern Ireland, visit ODS Automotive

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Diesel, like petroleum, is a petroleum-based product that has been derived from the crude oil process. Just like petroleum, it is a fossil fuel. Like petroleum, it is highly toxic, when released to the environment, due to the hazardous by-products that it generates. Diesel is highly flammable and diesel engine exhaust contains tiny particles that could pollute the air like no other. This is why there is a push to phase out diesel vehicles over the next decade.

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What is diesel to the environment? Diesel is definitely one of the most harmful greenhouse gas emissions to our environment, which will increase climate change and will dramatically impact our planet if not dealt with today. The carbon dioxide released from the diesel exhaust is extremely high. This is a huge contribution to climate change, and the only way we can arrest the crisis is to avoid using vehicles that generate such emissions. Therefore, if you really care about the environment, you might think twice about buying a diesel vehicle.

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