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Save money with efficient driving

The driving style has a significant influence on the consumption of any car, so that certain customs could increase fuel costs and even lead to premature deterioration of the vehicle. Knows the advantages it can bring you the efficient driving.

One of the problems we face today is the extreme presence of harmful substances in the atmosphere. The transport used in majority fossil fuels that can generate high emissions of C02, which will lead to the greenhouse effect. In this situation, efficient driving, environmentally friendly vehicles becomes a healthy alternative to our environment and more effective for our movements.

Save money with efficient drivingMore efficient driving for greater economic savings

The objective of this form of more sustainable driving is getting low fuel consumption while reducing environmental pollution levels, not to mention a greater comfort and reduction is obtained on possible risks arising on the road.

However, beyond all these advantages, efficient driving will give us achieve greater fuel economy. In this sense, it has to be especially careful when starting the vehicle or when using the accelerator. We must be able to anticipate the different traffic situations in order to curb as possible. The mere fact of maintaining an adequate and constant speed will cause consumption is maintained, generating lower costs in vehicle maintenance as a brake, clutch, engine, gearbox, tires and engine, since they are subject to a less effort.

You have to bear in mind that the cold start, it would be best to start walking as soon as possible, applying the more smoothly and letting the engine warms up gradually. Equally to avoid exaggerated consumption, acceleration must be smooth.

In any case, one of the biggest secrets to reduce consumption is to maintain a constant driving speed, using at all times the inertia of the vehicle and avoiding losses of kinetic energy. On the other hand, you have to remember that the less fuel between the engines, fewer turns will be taken per minute. When we possible, choose a long march to circulate and thus accelerate as little as possible.

With regard to vehicle air conditioning before reaching our destination we can do is to disconnect the air conditioning no longer need and we can save. Similarly, if we make oil changes, filters, spark plugs or straps when directed by the manufacturer, not only avoid the very different risks that may arise on the road, but we can also save on fuel consumption.

The pressure tire inflation is essential to enjoy a more efficient driving. In this sense, with a deficit in the pressure of a bar you will reach 6% consume more fuel, not to mention premature aging of covers and immediate risk of blowout.

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