New kid on the luxury block: The Hyundai Genesis

New kid on the luxury block: The Hyundai Genesis

Hyundai is not a brand that people immediately associate with luxury motoring. Instead, it is known for building reliable, family-friendly vehicles that do the job of getting people from point A to point B without necessarily inspiring the rich and famous to invest in it.

New kid on the luxury block

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What many Brits may not realise is that there is a premium marque attached to the South Korean automotive group, of which Hyundai is a key part, along with Kia. Known as Genesis, it is a highbrow alternative to the budget-oriented models that usually bear Hyundai’s badge on the bonnet.

What will it take for Genesis to make a splash in the UK and Europe? Does it even stand a change of competing with Jaguar or Rolls-Royce in the luxury car market?

British Ambitions

Industry insiders believe that the one thing that could give Genesis the prestige boost that it needs to succeed globally is the opening of a factory in the UK, where it would join companies including Honda and Nissan in building cars on British soil.

Besides having the cultural heritage and economic cache to make Genesis models more desirable to motorists who might normally consider buying a Land Rover, this move would be financially sensible. The UK has already proven itself to be a great place for automakers to set up shop, and it might be cheaper for Hyundai to make Genesis models here than in its native South Korea.

This might also mean that for those seeking car credit Portsmouth or any other part of the UK might see an influx of Genesis dealerships. Companies like could soon provide finance packages for this brand.

Expectations of Luxury

This year, the Genesis G90 has been hitting headlines, with Hyundai pushing to eventually release six models under this marque by the end of the decade.

The G90 itself features a 3.3-litre V6 engine with twin turbochargers for the base model, while the top-tier option ups the ante with a 5.0-litre power plant that develops around 420hp. A long, sleek body and plenty of impressive interior features help make it relevant in the modern market.

Whether the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz will be troubled by Hyundai’s luxury car ambitions is unclear, but the threat of a market shakeup seems genuine.