How is the technology of the SEAT Mii

How is the technology of the SEAT Mii

When purchasing a  new vehicle,  one of the requirements that requires any user it refers to the facilities and amenities that we can bring in our regular journeys beyond its price and design. The new  SEAT Mii  fits  the latest technology  so that the driver can take absolute control of the vehicle without complications. Now, coinciding with its release, you can purchase this vehicle, you want to see and learn about the technology of the new SEAT Mii?

How is the technology of the SEAT MiiThe defendant advancement of  new technologies  requires us to adapt to the changes occurring in the market at a much more frantic pace than a few years ago. Among other things, all this portentous  machinery  in the form of computers, smartphone and many other digital devices of last generation, in addition to open up a door to endless opportunities have provided us with many  amenities to make our daily lives much easier. For this reason, in the automotive market, one of the factors that we value the most is the relative comfort in the handling of the car.

SEAT , the prestigious automobile company, is aware of this last point, for that reason has just launched its  new urban compact , set to an attractive design, agile, sporty and dynamic without losing its air of elegance and attraction, and bathed in Very different chromatic tones so that you can choose the one that best suits your personal references. In this sense, you can choose between red tornado, silver leaf or deep black. We also  facilitates access to its interior  thanks to its unique  Easy Entry system , by which we can recline the seat back and move the front seats effortlessly.

In matters of technology, the  new SEAT Mii  features the innovative  SEAT Portable System Live  equipped with a 5 – inch touch screen and voice recognition. One of its main advantages that you can take advantage of is that we will know  the best route  to go towards our desired destination, depending on the characteristics of the current traffic, plus help you find the gas station or the nearest restaurant.

On the other hand, through its  on board computer  will have in your possession a large amount of information about what the current status of your vehicle, with information concerning, for example, its current consumption, range, outside temperature, average speed , Rev counter, driving time that will help you elucidate if you are driving efficiently at all times.

Similarly, the  new SEAT Mii  incorporates a system  handsfree Bluetooth connection  so you can stay in touch with your loved ones to call via the car speakers and see the caller ID on the screen, and have access to your list Of contacts. It also has a  MicroSD slot  so you can connect to your SEAT Mii your favorite music tracks and see album in the SEAT Portable System Live.

In matters of  performance , it features rear parking sensors to carry out such operations easily and much more quickly and easily, and a brake assist system in the city that will activate the brakes automatically if it finds that can be generated any collision less than 10 meters away and traveling at a speed of  30 km / h.

Its  gasoline engine 1.0 60 bhp, its main source of energy and mobility, give us optimum performance at all times, in addition to issuing only between 96 and 98 g / km of CO2, thus contributing to the protection and conservation  environment. But if you really want to be more environmentally friendly, do not forget to choose the engine  ecomotive, much more efficient, with a much smaller and respectful of the surrounding nature consumption.