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Here you have the Audi R8 Spyder and 540 horses to release mane

Among the non-American brands that have gathered in the Hall of New York, we find another sports banner. Here is the new Audi R8 Spyder, which comes to complement its cousin closed body.

This aggressive sports convertible follows the lead of its predecessor born in 2010, but now takes the basis of the current R8 which calca performance figures. Its atmospheric V10 remains intact but adds that extra so glamorous partially disrobe.

Here you have the Audi R8 Spyder and 540 horses to release maneMore Audi R8 Spyder more

“The silhouette of the new audi r8 spyder is stronger with new measures”

Stefan Knirsch, responsible for Development, introducing this new convertible commented that itwas the natural step that had to give:

Our new R8 range is the vanguard of Audi Sport.Following the coupe; we are launching the second generation of the R8 Spyder. This sport is distinguished by a decidedly captivating performance and gives the driver a more direct experience with the unmistakable sound of atmospheric V10.

Thanks to the influence of the current R8, the presence of the Spyder is accentuated with respect to its predecessor. It is 14 wider while the height and wheelbase remain shorter and 36 mm. Its exact dimensions are 4,426 x 1,940 x 1,244 mm.

The front presents impressive thanks to the huge single-frame grille complemented with individual air intakes on either side following a horizontal scheme that emphasizes its width. 37 LED headlamps also contribute to reinforce this visual effect (optional laser illumination).

“The retractable roof weighs only 44 kilos thanks to the use of lightweight materials”

However, the main attraction of this Spyder is its ability to leave manes in the wind. The hood (available in black, brown and red) is made ​​of canvas and thanks to the use of lightweight materials like carbon fiber; the entire set weighs only 44 kilos. It tends or collected by an electro-hydraulic system that takes 20 seconds to perform the operation and can be operated while not drive faster than 50 km / h.

Audi guys have worked hard to reduce wind noise inside the cabin to ensure that the levels are lower than in the previous one. This has been achieved by the inclusion of a deflector synthetic fabric and position the rear window to deflect the air withdrawal hood.

The total weight of the Audi R8 Spyder is 1,612 kilos empty, achieving a weight / power ratio of 3.19 kg / hp. Much of the blame lies with the Audi Space Frame (ASF) combines aluminum structural parts and CFRP.

The chassis of the coupe version will have added reinforcements in the doorways, pillars and windshield frame to withstand the absence of a structural roof. The chassis of the R8 Spyder weighs 208 kilos and has a torsional stiffness 50% higher than the previous Spyder.

540 horses to muss to taste

As for the engine, the V10 FSI engine the coupe version remains intact. With 5,204 cubic centimeters, its 10 cylinders are capable of generating 540 horsepower and 540 Nm of torque. With these figures, you are able to jump from standstill to 100 km / h in 3.6 seconds and reach 200 km / h in 11.8. Its maximum speed is 318 km / h.

Thanks to the disconnection cylinder, dual injection or the new management of the gearbox S-Tronic seven – speed dual clutch consumption is reduced by 10% compared to the outgoing model. Its average consumption is 11.7 liters per 100and emits 277 g / km of CO2. It must be wonderful to walk with the V10 caressing open eardrums with its melody sky.

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