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Messaging or piracy? Telegram and its thousands of groups with movies, discs and applications

One of the strengths of Telegram is its encryption , being a platform that bet more on privacy than other services of the competition. This has led them to be blocked in Russia.

This is ideal (for example) if you are a journalist working in a country without freedom of expression, but it has also generated much controversy about the use that terrorists could make with this tool.

All to a simple distance search

The platform a few days ago celebrated having exceeded 200 millionmonthly users , at the same time that they claimed not to have “revealed a single byte of the private data of our users”.

This panorama makes it a place to share pirated content ( movies, music, applications, etc. ) through thousands of different channels. The Outlinehas spoken with the administrators of some of these channels and they have confirmed that they have not had legal problems with Telegram.

They have not had any clash with Apple or Google , companies that do not want even the slightest trace of piracy in their app stores.

Many of these channels have more than 100,000 members , in which pirated versions of movies, series, songs or applications (mobile and desktop) are freely shared.

The best proof of this permissiveness is found in the search engine that comes integrated in the application. If we look for terms like “movies, applications or music” we will easily find several channels with this type of content.

The administrators of some of these channels assure that Telegram offers many options to keep their identity hidden, something they find really “useful”.

In fact, the members of a channel can not know which user is carrying that group. Also, do not forget that the platform allows you to attach files up to 1.5GB free of charge, a size more than enough to distribute movies to acceptable quality.

There are also channels where you can find credentials from Spotify, Netflix or HBO.

The administrator of a Bollywood movie channel assured that he has distributed via Telegram more than 10TB of content . In addition, it is also relatively easy to find channels that share credentials of platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Spotify, etc.

Finding this content on the Internet is really simple , and it is not a Telegram exclusive. The striking thing about this situation is that, let’s not forget, it is a messaging application.

That, in addition, is so opaque in terms of identities and what is shared, makes the creators of movies, video games, music, etc. they can not demand that they remove their content from these channels.

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