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This year’s hottest wedding trends

Making your day unique while staying on trend is easy; simply apply your own style to this year’s hottest trends.

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Go natural

Bohemian, natural themes have been the trend and continue into 2017, with couples using softer lines and less structure in their choice of wedding outfits. Trending styles can be bought off the peg from department stores to save on the high cost of wedding gowns. Decor is also generally more fluid, with a definite trend towards keeping it rustic. Couples tend to choose country venues, such as a Gloucestershire wedding hotel venue or locations set in forests or with other natural surroundings.

Use metallic

You do not have to love bling to combine metallics into your colour palette. Old gold, brushed silver and antique bronze can thoughtfully be combined with pastels, deep French blues and rich berry palettes. Subtle touches of glimmer will add a romantic elegant element to everything from your bouquet to your decor. A great uncontrived place for metallics is on the table. Combined with cutlery, porcelain and crystal, metallics find their natural home and will elevate your setting to a whole new level.

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Go green and save

Show your commitment to a new life by keeping your wedding environmentally friendly. Start off by using biodegradable paper for your invitations and follow this up by avoiding paper napkins. Use rice instead of confetti and ask your guests to take the table arrangements home with them when they leave. Even your wedding favours can be roped into your green cause. Little messaged envelopes can be filled with seeds and passed on to your guests to make the love grow and remind them of your lovely day.

Make the most of your venue

Be certain that your theme suits the venue; for example, country-style elegance set in an idyllic location that will suit your romantic style can be found at venues such as http://www.thespeechhouse.co.uk/weddings/. If your preferred look is clean-cut and modern, you might want to opt for a city venue or an open space in which you can make use of negative spaces to emphasise the simplicity. Remember that photos will be taken at the venue and you will want them to be a true reflection of your vision.

More important than any trend is that you enjoy your day with the love of your life!

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