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Smooth sailing: 5 essential customer journey improvements you cannot ignore

The digital age is now well and truly upon us, and the customer journey experience is about recognition and connecting together in one seamless transaction. It costs the online retailer more to get new customers than it does to retain existing customers, so what can you do to make improvements in this regard?

Smooth sailing

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Social Media

According to the BBC, social media users now outstrip TV viewing, particularly among younger groups. Offering a great customer service via Facebook or Twitter will encourage customers to shop. Social media is instant and personal. There is no waiting in a call queue or sending an email for a response. Let’s not forget that social media users also like to share!


When purchasing online, the customer needs to know that it will be just as easy to return their item as it is to return to a high street store. To persuade new purchasers to buy, offering a simple and free returns service will go a long way toward getting that all-important sale. It will also help in retaining customers.

One-Click Payments

Design your website and the checkout process to make it seamlessly easy. There is nothing more frustrating than a complicated and duplicate process of checking out. Offering one-click payments works by saving customer addresses and card details so that return shoppers only need to enters their username and password. If you are looking for a Bristol Web Design agency that creates sophisticated websites with a slick checkout process, then take a look at a company such as Bristol web design agency Aardvark Creative.

Easy Account Management

Any web agency with a good reputation founded on building e-commerce sites will be able to create a sleek website that enables the customer to log in with ease or retrieve account details quickly. Forgetting passwords is a common occurrence, and all that should be required is the submission of an email address to receive a prompt password reset email. This Daily Mail article discusses the frustration and anger caused by forgotten passwords online.

Registering Customers

If you can get the customer to register, this will help with retention and tracking orders. Special offers can also be emailed that are exclusive to subscribers, making the customer feel special and part of the brand.

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