Reviews gang was created by a couple of techno geeks in Chelsea many moons ago.

During a debate in our local over the upcoming Google Glass, the group was divided on it’s opinion and we wanted somewhere where we could find a site with more info to find out who was right.

Quite a lot of the sites we found were way too promotional, and rather than stating facts, wanted to bombard you with buy this, that or the other… therefore this site will give you two things;

Our opinion and yes were always right… well maybe 🙂 and the facts.

We wanted to create a place to go get actual up to date info on coming tech and business news, relevant to today.

We have teamed up with a great content team who will take what we have wrote, and tidy it up a bit. (as our grammar isn’t as good as our tech side!)  Then we will post it fast!

Our goal is and will always be to deliver you the latest tech up to date news and reviews, and we welcome your feedback and input.

If you would like write for us or feel you have a topic that’s worth us reviewing please let us know.

Your can contact me at

We have a facebook and Twitter account too and would love it if you would like to join us.

We hope to see you soon…


James T